Are you ready for this?

Ready for personalized help in your business?

Ready for one-on-one coaching + the support of an amazing group of your peers?

Ready to stop trying to figure everything out on your own?

Ready to invest in yourself and the extraordinary life you imagine through your business?


Then Lively Biz Mastery is ready for you.

Mastery is a high‐touch, all-access group coaching and training exclusive membership for female entrepreneurs who are ready to create a highly leveraged and highly profitable business on their terms.

If that’s you, we’re waiting for you inside…


If you’re a female entrepreneur who’s having some success but knows there’s much more to enjoy, and you’re ready to commit to making that happen with a lot more ease and flow – and a lot sooner than later – I’m so glad you’re here.

If you’ve been in business for awhile, but you’re feeling stuck, your income is stagnant, your list has flatlined, or you’re tired of trying to stay on top of what’s actually working right now, keep reading.

If you have a solid foundation built and an understanding of how to market your business online, but your efforts are scattered so your results are too, let’s talk.

If you need to take back your time and re-design your business so it easily funds your desired lifestyle… you’re in the right place.

I’m honored that you’re checking out Mastery, and I’m delighted to be having this conversation with you and excited about the possibilities that lay ahead for our work together!

Why? Because I’ve designed this exclusive group program with you in mind so you can get the marketing, money, mindset, motivation, coaching and accountability you’re craving to take your business from where you are right now to where you want to go, with a whole lot more ease and flow.

Mastery is for you if…

You’re ready to re-assess the way you’re making (or not making) money. Not much is working when it comes to creating consistent cash flow, and you don’t know why, but you’re ready and willing to receive support to figure it out.

– You’re ready to stop playing small but aren’t inspired by the idea of working too hard for too little return either.

– You don’t have a desperate desire to make a million dollars but do have a deep desire to make more than enough income to experience life in the way of your choosing and that gives you financial peace of mind.

– You want to truly harness the power of leverage so you have much more time to spend however you want, while making a lot more money.

– You have enough information already (and then some!). What you want are actions steps to implement successfully all that you already know, tailored to your market, your message and your mission, designed in a way that honors your authenticity.

– You’re open to receiving support from a ‘here’s what I would do’ approach because you’re tired of second-guessing yourself.

– You’ve gotten a footing in other programs, but want to build momentum and move forward faster with a much more personalized approach.

– You want just the right mix of coaching, teaching, and individualized support that will steadily pull you forward without breaking the bank.

– You want to get on a mastermind call with Alicia and your peers and dive deep into your agenda, where the focus is on moving the needle in your business.

– You’re eager to be part of the camaraderie of a group, where you can create deeper relationships with your colleagues and peers and share this unique entrepreneurial journey with people who ‘get it’.

– You feel a resonance with me and my particular approach to designing a business that keeps your priorities first, that’s not time-intensive, yet still highly profitable.

– You want a coach who will help you create something YOU love that’s based on your desires, terms and time. There’s no such thing as a “do whatever it takes, no excuses approach” to my coaching.

– More than anything, you’re ready to take action – and you know it.

You’re ready to take the leap, stay in faith, and finally realize that investing in yourself at this level is nothing less than believing in yourself at the next.

It doesn’t matter where your business stands today.

All that matters is you don’t have the business yet that you truly want.

It’s not as profitable as you want, you’re drowning in overwhelm, you’re exhausted from trying to figure it all out, you don’t have the time or money freedom you crave yet, you’re mired in the details so you’re not able to make strategic decisions to move forward… sound about right?

Well, that’s exactly who the Lively Biz Mastery is for. Welcome.

Mastery is about FOCUS

The purpose of Mastery is to get you to focus on increasing your money, be more effective and efficient with your marketing, and shift your mindset so you can have the business you’ve been dreaming of.

Focus on…

‣ Creating a business model that rewards you with more income that climbs steadily upwards

‣ Branding your business with your authenticity and solidifying your message to market match

‣ Creating recurring revenue that gives you consistent cash but doesn’t take up more of your time and energy

‣ Breaking through your money blocks (this alone will change your financial well-being for the rest of your life)

‣ Creating time to connect with yourself to be the most effective in your business – and your life

‣ Learning to do half of what you do now and still increase your income (this is my favorite thing to do ;-))

‣ Getting your message out in a big way through speaking and/or writing


‣ Creating and selling from livestreams/webinars with techniques you haven’t learned before

‣ Creating and filling your higher-ticket programs

‣ Creating, launching and leading live or virtual events – if this is something you want to do, I can assist in making it a lot easier for you

‣ Simplifying and streamlining your business with best practices and technology so you have more free time to do the things you love

‣ Creating additional leveraged income streams to give you the bottom line income you’re looking for without working more

‣ Creating your personalized profit plan so you can calculate exactly how much income you’ll have coming in and what income streams will bring it to you

‣ Creating your signature body of work that will increase your expert status, create multiple additional income streams as well as make it easy to create natural upsells

‣ Clarifying the very best marketing strategies that are working right now and that work best for your message and market


“Alicia blends her love of strategizing with her intuition, giving you the perfect blend of just the right kind of guidance and support so you can get the results you want more quickly and more easily, and more importantly, in the way that feels right to you!”


Let’s Achieve Your Lifestyle Business Dreams Together in Mastery

In Mastery, you’ll get generous group coaching and teaching,

with a judicious amount of personalized attention, care, and support.

This exclusive group is about YOU and your fellow Mastery Members
so the focus is on personalized coaching for your individual business challenges,
as well as solving the challenges we all face as business owners today.

Your Mastery Membership includes…


Monthly Group Coaching Q&A Session

Once a month, we’ll meet for a group coaching and Q&A session, where members will have the opportunity to share their current challenge and ask for specific support from the group and from me.

These sessions are held via Zoom, where you can participate via video, audio or phone.

Monthly Spotlight Coaching

Once a month, you’ll be able to pop into our private Zoom room for Office Hours to get some extra support and your in-the-moment questions answered by me.

This Spotlight Coaching is private coaching just when you need it most without paying private client fees.

From Trickles to Tribe Course

You’ve told me that your #1 challenge is growing your audience.

In Mastery, we’ll solve that problem for you with easy online AND offline email list-building techniques, simple but powerful lead generation tactics, and low-stress but effective social media strategies, all so you can grow your audience and your email list every single day.

This core curriculum and what it can do to add to your bottom line is worth the investment in Mastery alone.

Implementation Session

These once-a-month 3-hour get-it-done sessions are for you to use the camaraderie and support of the group to take action on moving your business forward.

Call it a silent working session or integrity day, this dedicated time to focus will do wonders to support your positive progress.

Progress Check-ins

At the beginning of the week, we’ll ask you to fill out your Weekly Focus Sheet and share your top 3 goals for the week and then check in on your progress at the end of the week inside our private Facebook group.

This will help you to document and follow your own progress and so we can make sure you’re on track and moving forward.

“I’ve been a member of Alicia’s Mastery group for one year and haven’t missed a single Zoom meeting because they are so valuable.

Alicia’s Mastery program provides support for any and all aspects of growing your business. And there is support every day via the FB group page.

My business is much stronger for having participated and I am more confident in what steps to take to grow it. Highly recommend it!”

Nancy Swisher, MA, MFA
Spiritual Mentor, Coach, & Author

“Alicia, thank you for such great content, both detailed and more broad scope. I can attest to the fact that these things work. I am knee deep in a longer, more detailed launch. It’s a virtual conference so there is a lot more seeding, pre-launch, etc.

AND, I’ve had time to try out a few new tactics I’ve never done. One that was fun to create was the contests. I did a Kindle eBook too. The first thing for me to ‘go viral’ (not by the thousands, but for me getting over 250 downloads in less than a week and 5 reviews on Amazon is something huge). Then I just did a April Fools sale and got five sign-ups from that.

So Alicia knows her stuff and it does work. We just have to implement it, try it out and see what sticks for us. Then trust in the process and allow the sign ups to flow!”

Elizabeth Scala, MBA, RN

And to further support you, you get these Gifts too…

As a Mastery Member, these are your gifts to take part in as much or as little as you’d like.

Lively Biz Business Club

You’ll receive complimentary access to the Lively Biz Business Club as long as you remain a Mastery Member.

The Club includes foundational core content, monthly mini-mod trainings, private Facebook group and much more. (value $450)


Promotion by Alicia

Whenever possible and applicable, Alicia will help spread the word about your free or paid offer to her social media contacts!



$1k+ per month of coaching & training


All-Access Pass

You’ll receive complimentary access to all virtual courses or programs I offer while you’re a Mastery Member, in addition to my entire training library, including all 4 of my bestselling courses (Easy Launch Map, Ignite Your List, Profitable Small Events and Mastering Leverage). (value $4000)

Sounds great, Alicia! How much?

I’ve been wanting to create an exclusive container for a community of like-minded female entrepreneurs who want to grow their online business using leverage so they can keep their family (or whatever’s most important to them) first.

With Mastery, I’m able to leverage my time so that I can coach more people at the same time. And that’s why I can offer this program to you at such an accessible rate.

Your investment in Lively Biz Mastery, including monthly group coaching sessions, spotlight coaching during office hours, the From Trickles to Tribe Course, bi-weekly progress check-ins, private Facebook group for masterminding with your peers, monthly implementation sessions, all-access pass to all of my trainings (including Launch Logistics, Ignite Your List, Profitable Small Events, and Mastering Leverage) PLUS all the bonuses and all the other benefits you’ve already read about is just $199/month.

Mastery is limited to a max of 12 so now is the time to join!

Join Mastery today for just $199/mo

Mastery has been designed to be an accessible alternative to forming your own un-led mastermind or going it alone – both of which make attaining success an uphill battle.

Committed participation in Mastery will give you the dedicated camaraderie of the group and expert guidance from Alicia, which will significantly shorten your path to success, and save you a lot of trial and error.

Mastery is a true-workshop style space (without the cost of travel added) where you get to move forward not just by learning, but by doing, and by having Alicia as your personal coach and mentor.

Please know that there are only 12 spots available in Mastery at any time.

Lively Biz Mastery is the place to create momentum, increase cash flow, make things easier, and have a whole lot more fun along the way,
without having to invest tens of thousands of dollars.


Before I joined Alicia’s Lively Biz, I was struggling with the overwhelm of growing my audience. Her module on this had all the tools I needed to start implementing in a strategic manner that was easy and efficient. Now I have a system in place that allows me to reach my target audience, engage with them and attract them into my community.

My favorite part of being in the program is the platform. It’s easy to get information I need, in the time I need it. I also love the facebook community which offers its support as well as Alicia’s vast knowledge. 

The biggest benefit I get for my investment is  the overarching theme of building a business with ease. Building a business is personal and, therefore, can be emotional. Alicia has a way of knowing this and putting an objective lens on a given situation. This gives you the ability to get grounded and begin again. 

Being in Alicia’s membership has renewed my faith that I can build a business ~ on my own terms ~ the way that is best for my clients, my family and for me. 

Laura Clark, SCMPT, The Soul Wise Living Mentor

What happens next?

Once you join, you’ll immediately be sent to the log-in page for the dedicated Mastery site, so you can start accessing the content that’s already waiting for you.

We’ll also welcome you into our our private Facebook Group, where you can introduce yourself and set your intentions and goals for your first month in Mastery.

You’ll Get Clarity, Course-Correction & Community Support

If you’re overwhelmed and feel like you’re spinning in in-action with taking your business to the next level, we’re ready to help.

Once you become a member of the Lively Biz Mastery, you’ll have access to on-going support from me as well as from like-minded entrepreneurs in a safe, encouraging, and fun environment so you can get really clear on anything you need to take your business to your next level of success and profitability.

If you’re reading this today, it’s not by coincidence.

It’s because it’s time to say YES to yourself and to your business and life dreams.

You do NOT need to know HOW to achieve what you want—that’s what you’ll learn with me as your coach and guide, as well as from the wisdom of the group.

I’ve created Mastery because I heard from so many of you who’ve attended my live events over the years that you wanted to continue that level of support, camaraderie and fun!

And now, with Mastery, we can re-create that experience, but even better – because we get to go deeper over time together!

With Mastery, you can FOCUS on just one mentor, one program, one plan and one course of action that will take you from where you are to where you want to be.

So, if you’re truly serious about elevating your business and accelerating your success, I would LOVE to welcome you into Mastery.

Join us for just $199/mo

Mastery has been designed to be an accessible alternative to forming your own un-led mastermind or going it alone – both of which make attaining success an uphill battle.

Committed participation in Mastery will give you the dedicated camaraderie of the group and expert guidance from Alicia, which will significantly shorten your path to success, and save you a lot of trial and error.

Mastery is a true-workshop style space (without the cost of travel added) where you get to move forward not just by learning, but by doing, and by having Alicia as your personal coach and mentor.

Please know that there are only 12 spots available in Mastery at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions


How is Lively Biz Mastery different from the Lively Biz Business Club?
Mastery is for business owners who are serious about leveling up their business and desire personalized attention from an experienced and successful coach, alongside like-minded and success-driven peers.

The Lively Biz Business Club is for newer entrepreneurs who want training and support for establishing the firm foundation under their online business before moving up to Mastery.

When you join Mastery, the Lively Biz Business Club and all its benefits are included too!

How much time will Mastery require of me?
Mastery will not require your time as much as your commitment to using the benefits in the way that serves you best.

That said, we strongly recommend you spend at least 15-20 minutes every business day checking in with Alicia and your Mastery peers inside the Facebook group to truly support your momentum and growth.

Do I get access to Alicia for coaching, support and feedback?


Access to Alicia is the crux of Mastery. You’ll be able to connect with her for more support twice a month via our monthly Q&As and Office Hours. She’s also a regular in the Facebook group, answering your pressing questions, jumping on a FB live to share something she’s learned and that will help you too, and checking in on your progress from week to week.

What's your refund policy?
We’re confident that if you access everything that’s available to you AND take action, you’ll get enormous benefit from participating fully Lively Biz Mastery.

However, if it’s not what you thought it would be, you can cancel anytime. Just be sure to email us at before your next billing date so we can get you taken care of.

That’s how much we believe in the quality of the content, community and coaching we’re offering you. We don’t want anything standing between you and the successful lifestyle business you desire and deserve, so it’s totally risk-free for you.

*Please read Terms & Conditions for details

Who is Lively Biz Mastery for?
Lively Biz Mastery is perfect for female entrepreneurs who want to level up their existing business, use leverage to grow their business more easily, and grow their audience every day so they can create the income and make the impact they desire.
Group programs don't seem to work for me. How is Mastery different?
I’m so glad you asked!

One of the reasons I wanted to create Mastery was to give you the best of both worlds. The group is there for the collective wisdom and support of varied experiences.

But I am there to support YOU and your business individually.

If you’ve done the big group program before but haven’t received personalized support and coaching, then Mastery is what you’ve been craving.

Basically, Mastery is private coaching for a group coaching price. 🙂

What if I'm a more seasoned business owner?
Perfect! Mastery is where you belong!

Alicia understands your unique challenges and has a vast repertoire of wisdom and knowledge gleaned from her 19+ years of entrepreneurship.

In Mastery, the training and coaching is current and cutting-edge and will keep you up to date with best practices.

If you have a foundation built, it’s time to move into flow…

Foundation -> Flow -> Freedom

Join us!

What if I'm not on Facebook?
While the Mastery membership site houses any content for the group, and our monthly mastermind sessions and office hours are held via Zoom, you’ll get far more benefit from participating in the Facebook group for ongoing coaching, support and live interaction.

If you would rather not be in the Facebook group, please know that, while it is optional, Mastery may not be the right program for you.

Can I join later?
Enrollment is limited to a total of 12 members so we can focus on giving you the personalized care you desire and deserve.

Once those 12 spots are filled, enrollment will close until a member decides to leave.

You can join later, of course, but you may miss taking advantage of the lowest rate of just $199 per month, and the other awesome bonuses available to you today.

How much is Mastery?

Membership in Mastery is currently $199 per month.

Can I pay annually?
There is no annual payment option.

Have other questions or need help enrolling?

Happy to help:

I just wanted to let you know that if you’re ever wondering, “Should I ever get into business? Is this the right thing for me?”, you need to check out Alicia Forest because she has a blueprint that will tell you step-by-step what to do. She’s personable, she’s down to earth, she’s fun and she’ll give you each and every one of the steps, so check her out!

Cindy Melton

Alicia, things here are flat out exploding in an extremely positive way. I am completely opening myself up and accepting it all. It feels soooo good to see the fruits of my labor.

I love being able to share how you helped me feel such confidence and broke things down so all this was attainable!

For now, I want to share a celebration! Last week we realized that we are almost at the $200,000 mark for this school year……and I just got a call that will mean we will easily break $300,000 for the school year!!!! THIS SH*T JUST GOT REAL!”

UPDATE: Claire hit the $500k mark for the third year in a row!

Claire Pahucki
Owner, Ms. Claire’s Montessori Schools
Owner, Ms. Claire’s Music Cupboard

I wanted to thank you for the year of coaching that was so amazing. It really lifted my business to the next level and got me ready for leveraging my time with being a Mom.

Our coaching program was perfect as far as the amount of coaching and content. Any more would have been overwhelming. I loved all the personal attention I got. Basically anything that came up in my business that I needed help with, I have the opportunity to get assistance very quickly, through the Q&A Calls, the Facebook group and my private coaching.

Melissa Kitto

Since working with Alicia I have run two teleseminar series, created two info-products, doubled my database through a telesummit and filled a live workshop and two high-end programs.

I made $120,000- in my first twelve months in my new business.

If you want somebody who is there for you when it really counts, when you implement, then Alicia is the right mentor.

Alicia’s savvy advice just at the right time helped me to move extremely fast and implement more than I ever could have on my own. I could count on her to be there for me when I needed it the most, in those moments where fear got the better of me. She helped me get clear and get over myself and move forward again.

If you’re really serious about building your business, I highly recommend working with Alicia.

Yvonne McIntosh
Solopreneur Marketing Mentor

If you’re ready to be a part of something truly special,
that can truly change your entire life for the better, join us.

I have had the privilege and opportunity to have Alicia Forest as my coach, and as a result of Alicia’s wisdom combined with the structure and support that she has provided, I have made outrageous progress toward setting the foundation for success in my coaching company.

I chose a defined target market in the financial services industry and capitalized on my unique personal brand to attract it. I created a valuable signature system and custom designed my website with a free report and opt-in page. To further enhance my brand identity, I designed and printed professional marketing collateral.

I delivered 9 VIP Days designed to significantly move my clients forward in their businesses. I also created more robust programs including a Diamond, Private Platinum and Gold Level coaching programs. I have enrolled my first two Private Platinum clients and a Gold level client as well. I developed an alliance with another coaching company who is now a strategic partner.

During this time, I also generated $100,000 in new business.

I highly recommend working with Alicia if you want to grow your business much more quickly and easily.

Susan Danzig
Business Development Expert to Financial Services Professionals

I have learned so much from working with Alicia, so many lightbulbs went off!

Alicia actually gives specific, concrete examples of how any of us could bring in serious money–no matter what type of business we are in. I learned realistic methods I could start putting into place right now.

Alicia shifted my thinking profoundly. Because of her examples, ideas and encouragement, I’ve been able to implement plans and generate much more money in my business.

Before, I had sort of a hazy idea about how to go about it–and I wasn’t so confident. Now I am so excited because I feel I have the steps to implement the strategies to make those kind of bigger pay days a reality.

I believe in myself so much more and can’t wait to implement what I have learned. The best part is knowing that these are things I can do not just once, but over and over as I grow my business. It’s very exciting!

Update: After two years of coaching privately with Alicia, I went from zero income to 6-figures, created the brand I’m now known for, held my first live event (and several more since), and so much more. The bottom line is that Alicia changed my life.”

Christine Gallagher
Relationship Marketing Mentor

I’ve had the pleasure of calling Alicia my coach for a number of years. When I took the leap and signed up for her services, paying way more than I thought I could possibly afford… my business was barely making 5-figures at the time.

Since then my income tripled and continues to grow every year, even though I’m a full-time mom of three girls.

Alicia didn’t share a secret formula that I wouldn’t have eventually figured out myself, but why should I spend who knows how many years trying to get it right on my own? Plus, I never would have made some of the drastic changes I have without Alicia’s support and the sounding board of someone I trusted to give me the extra confidence to go for it.

Hiring Alicia as a coach was one of the best decisions I could have made to get my business to the next level.

Lisa Nelson, RD
Online Business Manager

Having worked with some of the best business coaches, I can honestly say that Alicia delivers above and beyond. Her vast knowledge of business and marketing strategies, and her strong intuitive sense about what works and what doesn’t, is a powerful combination!

Her business guidance is never canned or a ‘one size fits all approach.’ She has helped me create a business vision that honors my true voice, including the steps that are needed to bring it into fruition.

Thank you, Alicia, for creating such a beautiful and sacred space where I could show up as I am, with my many ideas and visions for my work and how I see them unfolding in the world. You allowed me to ramble what I felt were disconnected thoughts and ideas – and you somehow magically connected them for me, helping me see that I wasn’t off track – I was very much ON TRACK!

Through our coaching and private retreat, you captured every thought, every idea, and every thread of discussion – and gave me more juicy nuggets to ponder. Your business coaching and intuitive guidance was always spot-on, and your powerful questions led to many breakthrough moments. I have never felt so taken care of in my business!

Tina M Games
“The Moonlight Muse” & Life Purpose Intuitive and Creative Possibility Catalyst and

Join us for just $199/mo

Mastery has been designed to be an accessible alternative to forming your own un-led mastermind or going it alone – both of which make attaining success an uphill battle.

Committed participation in Mastery will give you the dedicated camaraderie of the group and expert guidance from Alicia, which will significantly shorten your path to success, and save you a lot of trial and error.

Mastery is a true-workshop style space (without the cost of travel added) where you get to move forward not just by learning, but by doing, and by having Alicia as your personal coach and mentor.

Please know that there are only 12 spots available in Mastery at any time.

Alicia Forest MBA
Intuitive Business Strategist + Lifestyle Designer

Alicia is a freedom-loving lake girl and intuitive business strategist who guides and supports female entrepreneurs to design a life they love that’s supported by a business they love using her proven practical strategies and tools to create a livelihood that’s priority-based and highly profitable – all in part-time hours.

As founder of Lively Biz Mastery and the Lively Biz Business Club, she’s been the guiding force behind some of the best-known and successful online businesses in the coaching arena, as well in the industries of education, health and wellness, and new age, and has inspired thousands of entrepreneurs to create a business that’s fun AND funds a life they love.

Alicia’s expertise has been featured on, Escape from Cubicle Nation, T. Harv Ekers’ SuccessTracs, Holistic Business Journal and countless digital media outlets.

Alicia is also the author of 6 Simple Steps to 6 Figures for the Solo Service Professional: How to Create Your Lifestyle Business Based on Your Passion for Serving Others, available at major booksellers.

When she’s not helping entrepreneurs create ease and flow in their business, you can find her enjoying life with her husband James and their kids, Chloe and Jack, stretching her woo-woo wings, reading the Outlander series, writing in some form, or if it’s summer – at the lake.

“Before working with Alicia, if you had told me it was possible to write authentic sales copy, I would have scoffed. But I will never forget an one of her exercises that led to me spending an afternoon with tears streaming down my face, pouring my heart onto a page to my clients about what I had created for them and why.

I didn’t know entrepreneurship could be like this but Alicia showed me it can.”

Jamie Ridler MA CPCC

I was one of Alicia’s very first Private Clients, after having participated in pretty much every one of her programs before that, and most of them since too!

Each time I work with Alicia, my business grows by leaps and bounds (as I share on many of her program pages).

Coaching with Alicia has enabled me to build a $250,000 business in less than 6 months and to have a team around to support me while I went through a major ordeal with my family, allowing me the time and energy I needed to be present with them.

It wasn’t a cake walk, but it all fell into place and we’re on track to breaking $500k by year end.

(UPDATE: She did!)

Laura Lee Sparks

I know my way around the marketing block. I’ve been teaching marketing and business building to my own clients for the last 5 years. But I also know how challenging it can be to maintain an objective perspective on your own business. I loved having Alicia’s viewpoint and experience in helping me create a really solid foundation for a new business direction I was taking.

Being able to spend time with both of us focusing on my business, brainstorming and mapping out a personalized business plan in my retreat was so incredibly helpful. Right off the bat, we came up with this really simple list-building strategy that allowed me to go from zero to 225 people on the new list in just 2-3 weeks.

Alicia’s very generous in sharing what she has, and it seems like no matter how much I might already know about a specific topic, she always has another idea, or tool, or resource to offer. As an example, recently I created a spiritual inspiration card deck and Alicia was able to suggest this really cool funding resource that I had never heard about as a way to get the deck published without me spending money out of pocket.

What I value most about Alicia is her honesty and her optimism. Those are the qualities that allow a coach to be the most supportive and effective in moving clients forward. And that’s what Alicia does for her clients.

Helen Graves

Join us for just $199/mo

Mastery has been designed to be an accessible alternative to forming your own un-led mastermind or going it alone – both of which make attaining success an uphill battle.

Committed participation in Mastery will give you the dedicated camaraderie of the group and expert guidance from Alicia, which will significantly shorten your path to success, and save you a lot of trial and error.

Mastery is a true-workshop style space (without the cost of travel added) where you get to move forward not just by learning, but by doing, and by having Alicia as your personal coach and mentor.

Please know that there are only 12 spots available in Mastery at any time.