Lively Biz Accelerator

The Lively Biz Accelerator with Alicia Forest is a 9-month training and coaching experience for new and seasoned business owners who aspire to create and grow a priority-based and profitable online business in less than part-time hours so they can spend their time and money on what matters to them most.

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The Lively Biz Accelerator is designed to serve and support both new and seasoned online business owners by including customized coaching for each student at a very affordable investment.

The LBA is the perfect place for you if you’re looking for personalized support and guidance as you reach for your next level of business success, without the hype, the stress or the overwhelm.

If you’ve done the big group programs and are ready for more individual coaching (but not at private coaching rates), then I look forward to working personally with you inside the high-touch LBA program!