What if…

❤️ You could create, market and make an offer within a couple of weeks that makes you money immediately?

❤️ You could take something you already know and turn it into an offer that your perfect people will love?

❤️ You had a repeatable process to follow any time you wanted a cash infusion into your online business?

It’s completely possible for you. How do I know?

Because those are real-life results that I’ve gotten – and my students have gotten –  once they’ve mastered what I’m about to teach you.

Let Me Teach You My Easy 5-Step Process to Profitable Virtual Trainings
~ even if you’re starting from scratch and in less than 30 Days!

What this training is NOT:

❌ It’s not taking another $2k online course that seems like the magic solution but which has only really put you deeper into debt.

❌ It’s not relying on Google or YouTube (or worse, ChatGPT) for free advice because you know you’re wasting hours and hours trying to piece things together on your own – and you’re getting nowhere fast.

What this training IS:

🎉 The easiest way for people new to you to buy

🎉 The easiest way for you to make a paid offer without getting stuck in the tech trenches

🎉 The simplest way to test an idea before you actually offer it

🎉 The fastest way to go from idea to offer to paid – usually in a matter of weeks

You KNOW you need something EASY to create momentum and money in your online business so you can start enjoying your dream of full-time income in part-time hours.

Well, THIS is it.

Hi, I’m Alicia! 👋

The very first offers I made in my online business were virtual trainings (via teleseminar, no less!).

The furthest back I could find one to show you was from May 19, 2006 (thanks Wayback Machine!).

This was one of the foundations of my business then – one-off teleseminars (and then eventually webinars, video classes, and now livestreams) – and still is today.

I’d find out what my people wanted to learn, and then I’d outline a class to teach it to them (this is where my English Teacher career came in handy).

I’d write a blurb (much like you see to the left), send it in an email with a PayPal link, and that was that.

And then I’d sell 12, 27, 39, 54 spots and got paid.

So I got paid to create the training.

Then I re-sold the training as a replay so it made more sales.

Then I used the training as a bonus or in a bundle offer later so it continued to make sales.

And I still rinse and repeat this same process TODAY.

And that’s why I love teaching virtual trainings myself and why I’m doing this one for you!

And I know you’ll love them too!


Examples of just some of the Virtual Trainings I’ve offered:

    • How To Create An Easy Recurring Revenue Stream In 30 Days
    • How To Write An Evergreen Nurture Sequence That Makes New Sales Every 90 Days
    • How To Create An Evergreen Webinar To Make More Sales Every Month
    • How To Do A High-Value/Low-Cost Giveaway To Grow Your Authority, Credibility And Email List
    • How To Create Easy Engagement On Social Media In 30 Minutes A Day
    • How To Reach More Of Your Perfect People Outside Of Your Current Circles
    • How To Bring In $1k+ Per Month In Affiliate Income
    • How To Create Your First (Or Next) Core Content Online Course
    • 30 Days Ramp Up To Your Offer
    • How To Design, Fill And Deliver Your Own Profitable VIP Day
    • How To Scale Faster Using Other People’s Audiences With Integrity
    • How To Hire The Right Virtual Assistant With Where You Are In Your Business Without Breaking The Back
    • Strategic Business Planning Virtual Retreat
    • 3X3 Business Model Virtual Workshop
    • Love Your Launch Virtual Workshop
    • Ignite Your List Virtual Workshop
    • Lead Magnet Virtual Workshop
    • Lead With One Thing To Multiply Your Income & Impact
    • Preview Event Training & Template
    • Daily Biz Progress Training & Template
    • 5 Email Nurture Sequences to Make More Sales
    • Create Your Centerpiece Content
    • Create Your Instant Profit Funnel
    • Create Your Part-Time Master Plan
    • Create Your Profit Progress Path

= profits ranging from $583 to $26,284 in sales

Ready to learn how I do it?

Here’s the 5-Step Process that I’ll walk you through on the training:

Step 1: Topic

You probably have more ideas than you know what to do with – but we’re going to find the one most likely to sell that you’re also really excited about teaching!

And then we’re going to hone in on that topic to make sure it’s REALLY juicy and one that your perfect people are truly craving from you!


Step 2: Teachables

Ok, now you have your topic, what are you actually going to teach on that topic?

This is a critical step to get right. Teach too much and you’ll over-whelm people and they won’t come back for more later. Too little and they’ll feel it wasn’t worth what they paid for, right?


Step 3: Timelines

Now that you have the Topic and the Teach-ables, you need to know what to do when.

That’s what I’ll cover with you in detail, with sample timelines for you to follow to make it super-easy for you to implement.

There’s nothing better than a done-for-you checklist!


Step 4: Totals

This part is all about the numbers. The number of people you get in front of, the number of people who say yes, the pricing, the follow-ups and more.

And it’s not just the numbers for this one training – it’s all the future numbers (sales!) to come – and how to make that happen on auto-pilot.


Step 5: Tech & Templates

These are the two biggest stumbling blocks to getting your training out there, so I’m going to give you just what you need to know and have in terms of tech (it’s not much at all!).

And I’m going to give you more templates to use for marketing your virtual training too!

If you want the fastest, easiest and most fun way to serve your perfect people, then offering virtual trainings is perfect for YOU!

Get Paid!
Profitable Virtual Trainings

Just $197- 

When you take a training from me, what you’re really getting is…

❤️ Support from a 22+ year successful online business expert who’s been where you are and knows the fastest path to getting you where you want to go.

❤️ Access to the exact steps on how I’ve generated over multiple 6-figures just from the virtual trainings I’ve offered since 2006. 

❤️ Permission to do things your way, in your time, on your terms, and have the utmost confidence and knowing that it will work.

❤️ An easily repeatable process to follow and make your own to generate a lot more revenue a lot faster and easier in your online business – and not just once, but multiple times!

Quick Review…

What is Get Paid! Profitable Virtual Trainings?

This instant-access 90-minute comprehensive video training teaches you how to create your own profitable virtual training from scratch and in less than 30 days.

What else? 

Get Paid! includes:

  • Everything you need to know to create your own profitable virtual training in just a couple of weeks
  • Lifetime access to the replay, slides, materials AND future updates!
  • Special invitation into our Facebook Group for more support!

Got questions? I’ve got answers!

What's my return on investment for this training?

While I can’t promise any return on your investment in this training (because I can’t control what you will or will not do with what you learn ;-)), what I can tell you is that even if you only sell 7 spots at $27 for your virtual training, that will cover your small investment of $197 in Get Paid!

I’m confident that if you apply what you learn that you WILL get an ROI that far exceeds what you paid for the training. 😊

How long is the training?

The training is approximately 90 minutes.

Afterwards, you’ll be able to put what you learn into action within a few hours and start getting results within a few weeks.

What if I'm just starting out or have a small list?

If you can connect with about 100 people to invite to join you for your first training, that’s enough to get started. Those 100 people can come from your email list, facebook groups, other connections you have on social media, offline networks, personal reach-out and more.

My very first virtual training had 3 attendees. 😉 We all start with just a few people, but that’s all we need!

So don’t let just getting started and having a small list deter you, ok?

What exactly do you mean by a virtual training?

A virtual training is typically a 60-90 minute session, usually live, and focused on teaching or guiding students about one topic.

These are paid trainings, unlike a sales webinar or free (master)class that then upsells into something else.

These can also be called virtual workshops, which tend to be longer (90-120 mins) and have time incorporated to do the exercises, work, ask questions, etc.

What's your refund policy?

Due to the digital nature and instant access to this training, there is a 7-day refund period. Please see full terms & conditions here.

I have one more question...

Great! Email me at alicia@aliciaforest.com and I’ll get back to you asap.


Get Paid!
Profitable Virtual Trainings

Just $197-


A little more about me…

I’ve had a very profitable and part-time online business since 2001.

I made my first $100k with less than 2k email subscribers and no social media contacts while only working about 15 hours a week.

Through 9/11, a recession (now X2!), two major personal health challenges, and a pandemic, I’ve built a multiple 6-figure business working for myself and from home, and I still only work less than part-time hours (and have for over 22 years).

I’ve helped thousands of entrepreneurs across the globe start and grow their own successful online businesses.

I’d be delighted to teach you too. 

Questions? Happy to help! Email us at support@aliciaforest.com